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I help creators and small business owners recover their time and save on taxes.

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Creator's Corner: Tax Write-Offs and Effective Planning

The tax resource for Creators!

Concise and Comprehensive Guide: This ebook provides guidance on tax regulation and key tax strategies pertaining to the Creator Industry, along with action items for the Creator to implement immediately.

Easy to Read and Implement: Written by a CPA who finds most tax books long and filled with fluff, this was intentionally written to be an easy pickup. To the point, no jargon!

Direct Action Items from Rony: Obtain direct insight as I share real-life advice and experiences from years of working in the Creator Economy and helping  Creators!

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From tax planning to managing books, you can leave the numbers to us and concentrate fully on your freelance or business.

about ME

Rony Fogain, CPA

I am a passionate individual looking to spread knowledge and educate my community on all things personal finance and tax. Born in Cameroon, I studied business at the University of Toronto's Rotman Commerce before embarking on a three-year journey as an auditor at KPMG. I always wanted to learn the language of business but fell out of love with it during my first three years working. A core value of mine was missing.

I realized that I was not making an impact in my community while climbing up the corporate ladder, so I decided to become self-employed in Spring 2021. Since then, I have assisted multiple individuals, creators and small business owners, many of whom identify as Black or other minorities, with managing their finances, business operations, and tax planning. Helping others aligns with my values and purpose, and I am on a quest to help as many people as possible!

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